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The Future of Teacher Education in the Baltic Region: Towards Research Based Teacher Education

Finnish Academy of Science and Letters hosts the 15th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation. Theme of the conference is The Future of Teacher Education in the Baltic Region: Towards Research Based Teacher Education” and it will take place in Helsinki, Finland on Thursday 30 and Friday 31 March, 2017. The registration is now open at conference's official website!


The conference is intended to address views on the present and future of teacher education in each participating country. The objective will be met by a presentation given by each participating country in each session to be followed by discussion. The theme will cover all fields of teacher education.

The Conference will consist of three sessions

  • Research in Teacher Education
  • Innovative Practices in Teacher Education
  • Policy Issues in Teacher Education


What is the Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation

The main purpose of these conferences is to promote intellectual and scientific cooperation around the Baltic Sea to better comprehend the issues of common history, culture, economic and political situations and to give impetus for joint efforts in tackling current challenges.

The Conferences on intellectual cooperation sustain a pre-war tradition of bringing together intellectuals from the Baltic Sea region to discuss common issues. The 1st Baltic Congress on Intellectual Cooperation took place in Lithuania in 1935. The tradition of the Intellectual conferences was revived in 1999 by the 7th Baltic Conference on Intellectual Cooperation held in Riga.



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