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Theme Night – the new members event 13 September 2021

The Theme Night of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters on Mon 13.9.2021 will celebrate the arrival of new members in the Academy. The event will be broadcast live from the Academy's n Mariankatu premises in Helsinki. The event is bilingual. Two presentations will be heard and the new members will be introduced through video interviews. There is also time for discussion. The event is open to the public!

Monday, September 13, 2021 from 5:15 pm to 7:00 pm

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Some 20-40 new members are elected to the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters every year, chosen by the existing members themselves. These newcomers are respected and acclaimed scientists from Finland and abroad.

During the event we will briefly get to know the new members who have joined us in the last two years (2020-2021). Academy Science communicator Klaus Elfving has interviewed ten new members, and we will hear the most interesting news regarding research in disciplines ranging from artificial intelligence and social neuroscience to interaction and play, to mention just a few.

The event will culminate in two keynote presentations on the latest advances in quantum physics and the relationship between science and democracy in African countries. Plenty of time will be left for discussion and questions from the audience after the presentations. You can ask anything you want about science! The discussion on science and research will be led by Anna Mauranen, President of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters. Questions and comments can be sent throughout the event. The event will be bilingual: both Finnish and English will be used. The keynote presentations will be given in English.

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters organizes Theme Nights about once a month. The events are generally open to the public, and you can find more information about them at


Opening words

Secretary General, Professor Pekka Aula


Professor Liisa Laakso, The Nordic Africa Institute:
The impact of academic freedom on democracy: evidence from Africa

Professor Sabrina Maniscalco, University of Helsinki:
Quantum technologies: hype or reality?

Open discussion

You are welcome to join in this discussion of science and research led by the President of the Academy, Anna Mauranen! You can post questions and comments throughout the event.

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