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Folklore Fellows’ Communications

The Finnish Academy of Science and Letters has also published the Folklore Fellows’ Communications series since it was established. The Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters has decided to completely reorganize the publishing activities. In accordance with the Board’s decision, the Kalevala Society will assume the responsibility of publishing Folklore Fellows Communications.

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List of publications 1994-2020

FFC No. 321
Dictionaries as Sources of Folklore Data. Ed. Jonathan Roper. 2020. 28 €

FFC No. 320
Representations of Fear. Verbalising Emotion in Ancient Roman Folk Narrative. 362 p. 38 €

FFC No. 319
The Tale of ‘Three Golden Children’ (ATU 707) in 1937 Donegal. 2020. 34 €

FFC No. 318
Verzeichnis der altböhmischen Exempel. Index exemplorum paleobohemicorum. 2019. 307 pp. 38 €

FFC No. 317
Hard it is to Stir My Tongue. Raiding the Otherworld for the Elixir of Poetry. 272 pp. 34 €

FFC No. 316
Folkloristics in the Digital Age. Eds. Pekka Hakamies and Anne Heimo. 181 pp. 28 €

FFC No. 315
Visions and Traditions. Knowledge Production and Tradition Archives. Eds. Lauri Harvilahti, Audun Kjus, Clíona O'Carrol Susanne Österlund-Pötzsch, Fredrik Skott and Rita Treija. 384 pp. 40 €

FFC No. 314
Atlantic Outlooks on Being at Home. Gaelic Place-Lore and the Construction of a Sense of Place in Medieval Iceland. 2018. 324 pp. 35 €

FFC No. 313
BULA, DACE (ed.)
Latvian Folkloristics in the Interwar Period. 2017. 281 pp. 30 €

FFC No.312
Tschuden und andere Feinde in der saamischen Erzähltradition. 2017. 183 pp.

FFC No. 311
Finding Heritage Through Fiction in Dracula Tourism. 2016. 253 pp. 35,00 €

FFC No. 310
Blood Rite. The Feast of St. Martin in Ireland. 2016. 345 pp. 45,00 €

FFC No. 309
Structural-Semantic Types of Lithuanian Folk Tales, Vol. 2. 2015. 331 pp. 40,00 €

FFC No. 308
Structural-Semantic Types of Lithuanian Folk Tales, Vol. 1. 2015. 477 pp. 40 €

FFC No. 307
New Focus on Retrospective Methods. Resuming methodological discussions. Case studies from Northern Europe. Edited by Eldar Heide and Karen Bek-Pedersen. 2014. 230 pp.

FFC No. 306
Guileless Indigenes and Hidden Passion. Descriptions of Ob-Ugrians and Samoyeds through the Centuries. 2014. 308 pp.

FFC No. 305
Songs of the Border People: Genre, Reflexivity, and Performance in Karelian Oral Poetry. 2013. 631 pp.

FFC No. 304
Theoretical Milestones. Selected writings of Lauri Honko. Edited by Pekka Hakamies & Anneli Honko. 2013. 338 pp.

FFC No. 303
Catalogue of Greek Magic Folktales. 2012. 350 pp.

FFC No. 302
From Shaman to Saint. Interpretive strategies in the study of Buile Shuibhne. 2012. 212 pp.

FFC No. 301
Thou Fearful Guest. Addressing the past in four tales in Flateyjarbok. 2011. 236 pp.

FFC No. 300.
The Types of the Swedish Folk Legend. 2010. 501 pp.

FFC No. 299.
Songs of Travel, Stories of Place. Poetics of Absence in an Eastern Indonesian Society. 2010. 207 pp.

FFC No. 298.
Carl Wilhelm von Sydow: a Swedish Pioneer in Folklore. 2009. 272 pp.

FFC No. 296-297
Shamanism in Norse Myth and Magic. 2009. 589 + 304 pp.

FFC No. 295
Le cannibalisme dans le conte merveilleux grec. Questions d'interprétation et de typologie. 2008. 328 pp.

FFC No. 294
Index of Catalan Folktales. 2008. 313 pp.

FFC No. 293
Edige – a Karakalpak Oral Epic as performed by Jumabay Bazarov. Edited and translated by Karl Reichl. 498 pp. 2007.

FFC No. 292
BENTE GULLVEIG ALVER, TOVE INGEBJØRG FJELL and ØRJAR ØYEN (eds): Research Ethics in Studies of Culture and Social Life. 232 pp. 2007.

FFC No. 291
ISABEL CARDIGOS with the collaboration of PAULO CORREIA and J. J. DIAS MARQUES: Catalogue of Portuguese Folktales. 406 pp. 2006.

FFC No. 290
LAURA STARK: The Magical Self. Body, Society and the Supernatural in Early Modern Rural Finland. 521 pp. 2006.

FFC No. 289
KRISTIN KUUTMA: Collaborative Representations. Interpreting the Creation of a Sámi Ethnography and a Seto Epic. 282 pp. 2006.

FFC No. 288
JONATHAN ROPER: English Verbal Charms. 242 pp. 2005.

FFC No. 287
ANNA-LEENA SIIKALA and JUKKA SIIKALA: Return to Culture. Oral Tradition and Society in the Southern Cook Islands. 327 pp. 2005.

FFC No. 284-286
HANS-JÖRG UTHER: The Types of International Folktales. A Classification and Bibliography. Part I, 619 pp. Part II, 536 pp. Part III, 285 pp. 2004.

FFC No. 283
The Wedding of Mustajbey's Son Becirbey as performed by Halil Bajgoric. Edited and translated by JOHN MILES FOLEY. 286 pp. 2004.

FFC No. 282
LAURI HARVILAHTI in collaboration with ZOJA S. KAZAGAČEVA: The Holy Mountain. Studies on Upper Altay Oral Poetry. 166 pp. 2003.

FFC No. 281
LAURI HONKO in collaboration with ANNELI HONKO and PAUL HAGU: The Maiden's Death Song & The Great Wedding. Anne Vabarna's Oral Twin Epic written down by A.O. Väisänen. 529 pp. 2003.

FFC No. 280
ANNA-LEENA SIIKALA: Mythic Images and Shamanism. A Perspective on Kalevala Poetry. 423 pp. 2003.

FFC No. 279
MARILENA PAPACHRISTOPHOROU: Sommeils et veilles dans le conte merveilleux grec. 337 pp. 2002.

FFC No. 278
STUART BLACKBURN: Moral Fictions. Tamil Folktales from Oral Tradition. 338 pp. 2001.

FFC No. 277
JOHN MINTON and DAVID EVANS: “The Coon in the Box”: A Global Folktale in African-American Context. 112 pp. 2001.

FFC No. 276
ÜLO VALK: The Black Gentleman: Manifestations of the Devil in Estonian Folk Religion. 217 pp. 2001.

FFC No. 275
OUTI LAUHAKANGAS: The Matti Kuusi international type system of proverbs. 158 pp. 2001.

FFC No. 274
MAARTEN KOSSMANN: A Study of Eastern Moroccan Fairy Tales. 156 pp. 2000.

FFC No. 273
HEDA JASON: Motif, Type and Genre. A Manual for Compiling of Indices & A Bibliography of Indices and Indexing. 279 pp. 2000.

FFC No. 272
RENÉ GOTHÓNI: Attitudes and Interpretations in Comparative Religion. 173 pp. 2000.

FFC No. 271
JIM C. TATUM: A Motif-Index of Luis Rosado Vega's Mayan Legends. xxxviii + 117 pp. 2000.

FFC No. 270
RADOST IVANOVA: Folklore of the Change. Folk Culture in Post-Socialist Bulgaria. 127 pp. 1999.

FFC No. 269
ARTHUR T. HATTO: The Mohave Heroic Epic of Inyo-kutavêre. Re-appraised and further interpreted on the basis of the edition of A. L. Kroeber and consultation of his field record. 164 pp. 1999.

FFC No. 268
MALL HIIEMÄE: Der estnische Volkskalender. 325 pp. 1998.

FFC No. 267
MARJATTA JAUHIAINEN: The Type and Motif Index of Finnish Belief Legens and Memorates. Revised and enlarged edition of Lauri Simonsuuri's Typen- und Motivverzeichnis der finnischen mythischen Sagen (FFC No. 182). 362 pp. 1998.

FFC No. 266
LAURI HONKO in collaboration with CHINNAPPA GOWDA, ANNELI HONKO and VIVEKA RAI: The Siri Epic as performed by Gopala Naika. II. x + pp. 493-893. 1998.

FFC No. 265
LAURI HONKO in collaboration with CHINNAPPA GOWDA, ANNELI HONKO and VIVEKA RAI: The Siri Epic as performed by Gopala Naika. I.lxx + 492 pp. 1998.

FFC No. 264
LAURI HONKO: Textualising the Siri Epic. 695 pp. 1998.

FFC No. 263
CHRISTINE GOLDBERG: The Tale of the Three Oranges. 268 pp. 1997.

FFC No. 262
JOHN LINDOW: Murder and Vengeance among the Gods: Baldr in Scandinavian Mythology. 210 pp. 1997.

FFC No. 261
ANNIKKI KAIVOLA-BREGENHØJ: Narrative and Narrating. Variation in Juho Oksanen's Storytelling. 221 pp. 1996.

FFC No. 260
ISABEL CARDIGOS: In and Out of Enchantment: Blood Symbolism and Gender in Portuguese Fairytales. 273 pp. 1996.

FFC No. 259
MARISA REY-HENNINGSEN: The Tales of the Ploughwoman. Appendix to FFC 254. 154 pp. 1996.

FFC No. 258
ANTTI AARNE & STITH THOMPSON: Los Tipos Del Cuento Folklórico. Una Clasificatión. Traducción al Español de FERNANDO PEÑALOSA. 359 pp. 1995.

FFC No. 257
LILIANA DASKALOVA PERKOWSKI, DOROTEJA DOBREVA, JORDANKA KOCEVA & EVGENIJA MICEVA: Typenverzeichnis der Bulgarischen Volksmärchen. Bearbeitet und herausgegeben von KLAUS ROTH. 425 pp. 1995.

FFC No. 256
SATU APO: The Narrative World of Finnish Fairy Tales. Structure, Agency, and Evaluation in Southwest Finnish Folktales. 322 pp. 1995.

FFC No. 255
LINDA DÉGH: Narratives in Society: A Performer-Centered Study of Narration. 401 pp. 1995.

FFC No. 254
MARISA REY-HENNINGSEN: The World of the Ploughwoman. Folklore and Reality in Matriarcal Northwest Spain. 154 pp. 1994.

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