Annales Academię Scientiarum Fennicę

Series A. I. Mathematica



521. Karrer, Guido: Darstellung von Cliffordbündeln (34 pp.) 1973

522. Sarvas, Jukka: Symmetrization of condensers in n-space (44 pp.) 1972

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524. Aharonov, D., and Friedland, S.: On an inequality connected with the coefficient conjecture for functions of bounded boundary rotation (14 pp.) 1972

525. Salomaa, Arto: On a homomorphic characterization of recursively enumerable languages (10 pp.) 1972

526. Sorvali, Tuomas: The boundary mapping induced by an isomorphism of covering groups (31 pp.) 1972

527. Hermann, Peter: Über den Satz von Stokes (9 pp.) 1973

528. Caraman, Petru: Characterization of the quasiconformality by arc families of extremal length zero (10 pp.) 1973

529. Srebro, Uri: Conformal capacity and quasiregular mappings (8 pp.) 1973

530. Jalava, Väinö: Remarks on the regularity of the solutions of a linear partial differential equation with constant coefficients (9 pp.) 1973

531. Dinghas, Alexander: Über die Anwendung einer Klasse von Integrodifferentialungleichungen auf einige Fragen der Analysis und der Funktionentheorie (37 pp.) 1973 (not available)

532. Nakai, Mitsuru, and Sario, Leo: Existence of Dirichlet finite biharmonic functions (34 pp.) 1973 (not available)

533. Lahtinen, Aatos: On the equation Δu = Pu and the classification of acceptable densities on Riemann surfaces (26 pp.) 1973 (not available)

534. Lepistö, Timo: Finite point property in context sensitive grammars (8 pp.) 1973 (not available)

535. Näkki, Raimo, and Vamanamurthy, M. K.: Quasiconformal disks in 3-space (10 pp.) 1973 (not available)

536. Väänänen, Keijo: Estimates of the conjugate transcendence measure for the values of some E-functions (12 pp.) 1973 (not available)

537. Väänänen, Keijo: On the transcendence and algebraic independence of the values of certain E-functions (15 pp.) 1973 (not available)

538. Becker, Jochen: Über homöomorphe Fortsetzung schlichter Funktionen (11 pp.) 1973 (not available)

539. Nevanlinna, Veikko: On constants connected with the prime number theorem for arithmetic progressions (11 pp.) 1973 (not available)

540. Myrberg, P. J.: Über ganze analytische Funktionen zweier Variablen, welche eine schlichte und volumentreue gelöcherte Abbildung vermitteln (12 pp.) 1973 (not available)

541. Martio, O., and Rickman, S.: Measure properties of the branch set and its image of quasiregular mappings (16 pp.) 1973

542. Steinby, Magnus: On pair algebras and state-information in automata (13 pp.) 1973

543. Jaenicke, Joachim: Bemerkung über die Singularität von Lösungen der ersten Randwertaufgabe hyperbolischer Differentialgleichungen (6 pp.) 1973

544. Apiola, Heikki: On the tensorproduct and product Hom(f,g) of compact operators in locally convex topological vector spaces (33 pp.) 1973

545. Kuusalo, Tapani: Boundary mappings of geometric isomorphisms of fuchsian groups (7 pp.) 1973

546. Lahtinen, Aatos: On the existence of singular solutions of Δu = Pu on Riemann surfaces (15 pp.) 1973

547. Toppila, Sakari: On exceptional values of functions meromorphic outside a set of positive Hausdorff dimension (12 pp.) 1973

548. Tukia, Pekka: Extension of boundary homeomorphisms of discrete groups of the unit disk (16 pp.) 1973

549. Begehr, Heinrich: Die logarithmische Methode in der Wertverteilungstheorie pseudoanalytischer Funktionen (17 pp.) 1973

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551. Sorvali, Tuomas: On the dilatation of isomorphisms between covering groups (15 pp.) 1973

552. Martio, O.: On variational integrals in "the borderline case" (11 pp.) 1973

553. Taari, Ossi: Einige Extremalproblem für n-dimensionale quasikonforme Abbildungen (19 pp.) 1973

554. Tietäväinen, Aimo: Note on Waring's problem (mod p) (7 pp.) 1973

555. Mattila, Pertti: Integration in a space of measures (37 pp.) 1973

556. Erkama, Timo: Group actions and extension problems for maps of balls (31 pp.) 1973

557. Metsänkylä, Ritva: On th power coset representatives mod p (6 pp.) 1973

558. Ylinen, Kari: Tensor products of complex L-spacses and convolution mesure algebras (11 pp.) 1973

559. Väänänen, Jouko: Some remarks on preudocompact spaces (11 pp.) 1973

560. Tammi, Olli: On optimizing parameters of the power inequality for a4 in the class of bounded univalent functions (24 pp.) 1973