Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Series A. I. Mathematica

Volumen 8, 1983


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Anandam, Victor: On the integral representation of bisubharmonic functions in Rn, pp. 357-367

Appel, J.: Upper estimates for superposition operators and some applications, pp. 149-159

Aulaskari, Rauno: On rotation automorphic functions with discrete rotation groups, pp. 371-373

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Doppel, Karl, and Niels Jacob: Zur Konstruktion periodischer Lösungen von Pseudodifferentialgleichungen mit Hilfe von Operatorenalgebren, pp. 193-217

Doppel, Karl, and Niels Jacob: A non-hypoelliptic Dirichlet problem from stochastics, pp. 375-389

Gardiner, S. J.: Harmonic majorization of subharmonic functions in unbounded domains, pp. 43-54

Gevirtz, Julian: On f''/f' and injectivity, pp. 87-92

Gross, Herbert, and Hans A. Keller: On the problem of classifying infinite chains in projective and orthogonal geometry, pp. 67-86

Haario, Heikki: On the extreme points of classes of univalent functions, pp. 55-66

Kiikka, Maire: Diffeomorphic approximation of quasiconformal and quasisymmetric homeomorphisms, pp. 251-256

Koepf, Wolfram: Close-to-convex functions and linear-invariant families, pp. 349-355

Kolsrud, Torbjörn: Condenser capacities and removable sets in W1,p, pp. 343-348

Lehtinen, Matti: The dilatation of Beurling-Ahlfors extensions of quasisymmetric functions, pp. 187-191

Lesley, Frank David: Domains with Lipschitz mapping functions, pp. 219-233

Luukkainen, Jouni: Topologically, quasiconformally or Lipschitz locally flat embeddings in codimension one, pp. 107-138

Pesonen, Martti I.: Simplified proofs of some basic theorems for quasiregular mappings, pp. 247-250

Saranen, J., and K. J. Witsch: Exterior boundary value problems for elliptic equations, pp. 3-42

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Toppila, Sakari: Solutions of problems of Miller and Rubel, pp. 369-370