Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Series A. I. Mathematica

Volumen 16, 1991


Aseev, V.V.: On the conformal modulus distortion under quasimöbius mappings, pp. 155-168

Bagemihl, F.: The three-separated-arc property of functions in a disk, pp. 169-172

Beardon, A.F.: The components of a Julia set, pp. 173-177

Berman, Robert D., and Togo Nishiura: Applications of selection theorems to radial cluster set interpolation for functions on the unit ball, pp. 411-435

Bor, Hüseyin: Factors for |n,pn|k summability of infinite series, pp. 151-154

Doppel, K., and R. Hochmuth: On the regularity of solutions of a homogeneous Dirichlet problem for a non-hypoelliptic linear partial differential operator, pp. 183-198

Earle, Clifford J.: The group of biholomorphic self-mappings of Schottky space, pp. 399-410

Emmanuele, G.: Banach spaces with the (CRP) and dominated operators on C(K), pp. 243-248

Eremenko, Alexandre, and John L. Lewis: Uniform limits of certain A-harmonic functions with applications to quasiregular mappings, pp. 361-375

Hamilton, D.H.: Generalized conformal welding, pp. 333-343

Hanson, Bruce, and Pekka Koskela: Higher integrability and the boundary dimension, pp. 323-331

Hinkkanen, A.: Sense-reversing generators of discrete convergence groups in the plane, pp. 179-182

Jost, Jürgen: Harmonic maps and curvature computations in Teichmüller theory, pp. 13-46

Kulkarni, Ravi S.: Isolated points in the branch locus of the moduli space of compact Riemann surfaces, pp. 71-81

Kulkarni, Ravi S.: A note on Wiman and Accola-Maclachlan surfaces, pp. 83-94

Liu, Xiangyang, and David Minda: Monotonicity of hyperbolic curvature under univalent mappings, pp. 227-242

Maitani, Fumio, and Hisashi Ishida: Meromorphic functions of bounded valence on an open Riemann surface, pp. 125-130

Nawrocki, M.: Gleason-type decompositions for H(Bn) and Lumer's Hardy algebra of the ball, pp. 311-322

Pavicevic, Z.: The Carleson measure and meromorphic functions of uniformly bounded characteristic, pp. 249-254

Ramachandra, K.: On the zeros of a class of generalised Dirichlet series-VII, pp. 391-397

Ramachandra, K., and A. Sankaranarayanan: On some theorems of Littlewood and Selberg II, pp. 131-137

Ramachandra, K., and A. Sankaranarayanan: On some theorems of Littlewood and Selberg III, pp. 139-149

Reich, Edgar, and Chen Jixiu: Extensions with bounded -derivative, pp. 377-389

Sjögren, Peter, and Per Sjölin: Local regularity of solutions to time-dependent Schrödinger equations with smooth potentials, pp. 3-12

Smith, Wayne, and David A. Stegenga: Exponential integrability of the quasi-hyperbolic metric on Hölder domains, pp. 345-360

Stallard, Gwyneth M.: A class of meromorphic functions with no wandering domains, pp. 211-226

Steinig, Bernhard: On the essential maximality of linear operators in a Hilbert space, pp. 199-210

Tukia, Pekka: Compactness properties of μ-homeomorphisms, pp. 47-69

Väisälä, Jussi: Free quasiconformality in Banach spaces II, pp. 255-310

Watson, N.A.: Mean values and thermic majorization of supertemperatures, pp. 113-124

Yang, Shanshuang: Monotone functions and extremal functions for condensers in Rn, pp. 95-112