Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Series A. I. Mathematica

Volumen 17, 1992


Fasciculus 1
Proceedings of the second
Soviet-Finnish Symposium on probability theory and mathematical statistics
held in St. Petersburg (Leningrad), October 16-20, 1989

Foreword (by Aleksander V. Melnikov, Hannu Niemi, Albert N. Shiryaev and Esko Valkeila), p. 3

Borovkov, K.A.: Stochastic search algorithm with an application to multidimensional integration, pp. 5-10

Bulinskii, A.V.: Central limit theorem for the solution of the multidimensional Burgers equation with random data, pp. 11-22

Glonti, O.A., and L.G. Jamburia: Optimal transmission of Gaussian signals involving cost of feedback, pp. 23-28

Gushchin, A.A. : On quasi-score processes, pp. 29-38

Haario, Heikki, and Eero Saksman: Weak convergence of the simulated annealing process in general state space, pp. 39-50

Koski, Timo: Nonlinear autoregression in the theory of signal compression, pp. 51-64

Kutoyants, Yu.A., and F. Liese: On minimum distance estimation for spatial Poisson process, pp. 65-71

Lehtinen, A.: Recognizing the three best of a sequence, pp. 73-79

Martikainen, A.I.: On convergence rates in one-sided law of large numbers, pp. 81-84

Melnikov, A.V., and A.E. Rodkina: Consistent statistical estimation in semimartingale models of stochastic approximation, pp. 85-91

Miamee, A.G., and H. Niemi: On the angle for stationary random fields, pp. 93-103

Nahapetian, B.S., and A.N. Petrosian: Martingale-difference Gibbs random fields and central limit theorem, pp. 105-110

Pergamentshikov, S.M., and A.N. Shiryaev: On reparametrization and asymptotically optimal minimax estimation in a generalized autoregressive model, pp. 111-116

Petrov, V.V.: Generalizations of Rosenthal's inequalities, pp. 117-121

Salminen, Paavo: Cutting Markovian trees, pp. 123-137

Valkeila, Esko: A note on the convergence of moments and the martingale central limit theorem, pp. 139-149

Fasciculus 2

Chen, Min: New parameters of Teichmüller spaces of Riemann surfaces of genus two, pp. 307-314

Chiang, Y.M.: Some remarks on Lehto's domain constant, pp. 285-293

Chuaqui, Martin: The Schwarzian derivative and quasiconformal reflections on Sn, pp. 315-326

van Gool, Frans: Semiliniear perturbation of linear harmonic maps, pp. 367-391

Gundersen, Gary G., and Enid M. Steinbart: Finite order solutions of nonhomogeneous linear differential equations, pp. 327-341

Hellerstein, Simon, Joseph Miles, and John Rossi: On the growth of solutions of certain linear differential equations, pp. 343-365

Helms, L.L.: Brownian motion in a closed convex polygon with normal reflection, pp. 199-209

Hurri-Syrjänen, Ritva: Unbounded Poincaré domains, pp. 409-423

Janfalk, Ulf: Representation of a p-harmonic function near an isolated singularity in the plane, pp. 181-197

Jonas, Peter: A class of operator-valued meromorphic functions on the unit disc, pp. 257-284

Krushkal', S.L.: Quasiconformal extremals of non-regular functionals, pp. 295-306

Nolder, Craig A.: Lipschitz classes of solutions to certain elliptic equations, pp. 211-219

Perera, S., and D.R. Wilken: On coefficient domination for some classes of analytic functions, pp. 151-169

Strzelecki, Pawel: Pointwise differentiability of weak solutions of parabolic equations with measurable coefficients, pp. 171-180

Väisälä, Jussi: Free quasiconformality in Banach spaces III, pp. 393-408

Watson, N.A.: Generalizations of the spherical mean convexity theorem on subharmonic functions, pp. 241-255

Zemyan, Stephen M.: On the coefficient problem for the Schwarzian derivative, pp. 221-240