Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ
Series A. I. Mathematica

Volumen 20, 1995

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The articles are stored in PDF format. Note that some of the figures are not included in the electronic versions.


Arés Gastesi, Pablo: Coordinates for Teichmüller spaces of b-groups with torsion, pp. 279-300.

Astala, K., and M. Zinsmeister: Abelian coverings, Poincaré exponent of convergence and holomorphic deformations, pp. 81-86.

Baker, I.N., and Anand P. Singh: Wandering domains in the iteration of compositions of entire functions, pp. 149-153.

Balogh, Z., and A. Volberg: Normalization of almost conformal parabolic germs, pp. 109-121.

Dodson, M.M., M.V. Melián, D. Pestana, and S.L. Velani: Patterson measure and ubiquity, pp. 37-60.

Freden, Eric M.: Negatively curved groups have the convergence property I, pp. 333-348.

Ghamsari, Manouchehr: Quasiconformal groups acting on B^3 that are not quasiconformally conjugate to Möbius groups, pp. 245-250.

Heinonen, Juha, and Shanshuang Yang: Strongly uniform domains and periodic quasiconformal maps, pp. 123-148.

Herron, David A., and Pekka Koskela: Locally uniform domains and quasiconformal mappings, pp. 187-206.

Järvi, Pentti: On the behavior of meromorphic functions around some nonisolated singularities II, pp. 373-378.

Kim, Kiwon: Necessary and sufficient conditions for the Bernstein inequality, pp. 419-432.

Kizuka, Takashi: On the movement of the Poincaré metric with the pseudoconvex deformation of open Riemann surfaces, pp. 327-331.

Korenblum, B., P.J. Rippon, and K. Samotij: On integrals of harmonic functions over annuli, pp. 3-26.

Krushkal, Samuel L.: Teichmüller spaces are not starlike, pp. 167-173.

Krushkal, Samuel L.: Exact coefficient estimates for univalent functions with quasiconformal extension, pp. 349-357.

Krzyz, Jan G.: Universal Teichmüller space and Fourier series, pp. 387-400.

Kurki, Jukka: Invariant sets for A-harmonic measure, pp. 433-436.

Kuusalo, T., and M. Näätänen: Geometric uniformization in genus 2, pp. 401-418.

Masur, Howard A., and Michael Wolf: Teichmüller space is not Gromov hyperbolic, pp. 259-267.

Matsuzaki, Katsuhiko: Teichmüller spaces with variable bases in the universal Teichmüller space, pp. 27-36.

Mizuta, Yoshihiro: Tangential limits of monotone Sobolev functions, pp. 315-326.

Murphy, Gerard J.: Translation-invariant function algebras on compact abelian groups, pp. 175-178.

Perry, Peter A.: A trace-class rigidity theorem for Kleinian groups, pp. 251-257.

Rickman, Seppo: Nonremovable Cantor sets for bounded quasiregular mappings, pp. 155-164.

Rickman, Seppo: Defect relation and its realization for quasiregular mappings, pp. 207-243.

Rossi, John: A sharp result concerning cercles de remplissage, pp. 179-185.

Sastry, Swati: A converse defect relation for quasimeromorphic mappings, pp. 61-79.

Stratmann, Bernd: A note on counting cuspidal excursions, pp. 359-372.

Vainio, Juhani V.: Properties of real sewing functions, pp. 87-95.

Wang, Shupei: A note on the oscillation theory of certain second order differential equations, pp. 379-385.

Wolf, Michael: On the existence of Jenkins-Strebel differentials using harmonic maps from surfaces to graphs, pp. 269-278.

Ye, Zhuan: On Nevanlinna's secondary deficiency, pp. 97-108.

Zhong, Li: A note on geodesics in infinite-dimensional Teichmüller spaces, pp. 301-313.