Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Volumen 22, 1997

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The articles are stored in PDF format. Note that some of the figures are not included in the electronic versions.


Alestalo, Pekka, and Jussi Väisälä: Uniform domains of higher order III, pp. 445-464.

Anderson, J.W., and A.C. Rocha: Analyticity of Hausdorff dimension of limit sets of Kleinian groups, pp. 349-364.

Bujalance, E.: On compact Klein surfaces with a special automorphism group, pp. 15-20.

Costa, A.F., and E. Martínez: Parametrization of the moduli space of hyperelliptic and symmetric Riemann surfaces, pp. 75-88.

Domar, Yngve: Entire functions of order , with bounds on both axes, pp. 339-348.

Dyn'kin, Evsey: Estimates for asymptotically conformal mappings, pp. 275-304.

Erkama, Timo: Polymorphisms and linearization of nonlinear polynomials, pp. 113-121.

Gallo, Daniel M.: Deforming real projective structures, pp. 3-14.

Hassi, Seppo, and Henk de Snoo: One-dimensional graph perturbations of selfadjoint relations, pp. 123-164.

Hinkkanen, A.: Reality of zeros of derivatives of meromorphic functions, pp. 21-38.

Hinkkanen, A.: Zeros of derivatives of strictly non-real meromorphic functions, pp. 39-74.

Holopainen, Ilkka, and Paolo M. Soardi: A strong Liouville theorem for p-harmonic functions on graphs, pp. 205-226.

Jankowski, Marcus: Newton's method for solutions of quasi-bessel differential equations, pp. 187-204.

Jones, Gavin L.: The exponent of convergence of a finite Blaschke product, pp. 245-254.

Latvala, Visa: Fine topology and Ap-harmonic morphisms, pp. 237-244.

Ma, William, and David Minda: Two-point distortion theorems for bounded univalent functions, pp. 425-444.

Makarov, Nikolai G., and Christian Pommerenke: On coefficients, boundary size and Hölder domains, pp. 305-312.

Miller-Van Wieren, Leila: Univalence criteria for classes of rectangles and equiangular hexagons, pp. 407-424.

Morán, Manuel, and José-Manuel Rey: Geometry of self-similar measures, pp. 365-386.

Pansu, Pierre: Difféomorphismes de p-dilatation bornée, pp. 475-506.

Reinders, Martin: On the zeros of the Wronskian of an entire or meromorphic function and its derivatives, pp. 89-112.

Rohde, S.: Bilipschitz maps and the modulus of rings, pp. 465-474.

Sjödin, Tord: Thinness in non-linear potential theory for non-isotropic Sobolev spaces, pp. 313-338.

Sjölin, Per: Estimates of averages of Fourier transforms of measures with finite energy, pp. 227-236.

Tukia, Pekka: Conservative action and the horospheric limit set, pp. 387-394.

Werner, Stephan: Spiegelungskoeffizient und Fredholmscher Eigenwert für gewisse Polygone, pp. 165-186.

Yang, Chung-Chun, and Xinhou Hua: Uniqueness and value-sharing of meromorphic functions, pp. 395-406.

Zhang, Chaohui: On isomorphisms of Bers fiber spaces, pp. 255-274.