Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Volumen 24, 1999

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The articles are stored in PDF format. Note that some of the figures are not included in the electronic versions.


Aikawa, Hiroaki, and Makoto Ohtsuka: Extremal length of vector measures, pp. 61-88.

Ares Gastesi, Pablo: Torelli spaces of non-orientable compact Klein surfaces, pp. 23-30.

Aulaskari, R., N. Danikas, and R. Zhao: The algebra property of the integrals of some analytic functions in the unit disk, pp. 343-351.

Baker, I.N., and P. Dominguez: Boundaries of unbounded Fatou components of entire functions, pp. 437-464.

Bishop, Christopher J.: Quasiconformal mappings which increase dimension, pp. 397-407.

Bonk, Mario, and William Cherry: Metric distortion and triangle maps, pp. 489-510.

Bozin, Vladimir, and Vladimir Markovic: Distance between domains in the sense of Lehto is not a metric, pp. 3-10.

Buckley, Stephen M.: Is the maximal function of a Lipschitz function continuous?, pp. 519-528.

Cannon, J.W., W.J. Floyd, and W.R. Parry: Sufficiently rich families of planar rings, pp. 265-304.

Chen, Zong-Xuan, and Chung-Chun Yang: On the zeros and hyper-order of meromorphic solutions of linear differential equations, pp. 215-224.<

Eriksson-Bique, Sirkka-Liisa: The binomial theorem for hypercomplex numbers, pp. 225-229.

Frank, G., and J.K. Langley: On the zeros of pairs of linear differential polynomials, pp. 409-436.

Gehring, F. W., and T. Iwaniec: The limit of mappings with finite distortion, pp. 253-264.

Hosseinzadeh, Hassan, and Henrik Shahgholian: Qualitative aspects of a free boundary problem, pp. 109-121.

Huang, Shuechin: Generalized Hecke groups and Hecke polygons, pp. 187-214.

Jones, Peter W., and Stanislav K. Smirnov: On V. I. Smirnov domains, pp. 105-108.

Järvenpää, Esa: A note on weakly coupled expanding maps on compact manifolds, pp. 511-517.

Järvenpää, Maarit: Hausdorff and packing dimensions, intersection measures, and similarities, pp. 165-186.

Kalamajska, Agnieszka: On compactness of embedding for Sobolev spaces defined on metric spaces, pp. 123-132.

Keen, Linda, and Janina Kotus: Ergodicity of some classes of meromorphic functions, pp. 133-145.

Liu Lixin: On the length spectrums of non-compact Riemann surfaces, pp. 11-22.

Marshall, T.H.: Asymptotic volume formulae and hyperbolic ball packing, pp. 31-43.

Martio, O., U. Srebro, and J. Väisälä: Normal families, multiplicity and the branch set of quasiregular maps, pp. 231-252.

McCarthy, John D., and Athanase Papadopoulos: The visual sphere of Teichmüller space and a theorem of Masur-Wolf, pp. 147-154.

Mizuta, Yoshihiro, and Tetsu Shimomura: Boundary limits of spherical means for BLD and monotone BLD functions in the unit ball, pp. 45-60.

Mori, Seiki: Elimination of defects of meromorphic mappings of C^m into P^n(C), pp. 89-104.

Parkkonen, Jouni: The outside of the Teichmüller space of punctured tori in Maskit's embedding, pp. 305-342.

Saksman, Eero: Remarks on the nonexistence of doubling measures, pp. 155-163.

Trotsenko, D.A., and J. Väisälä: Upper sets and quasisymmetric maps, pp. 465-488.

Zhang, Chaohui: On the Bers fiber spaces, pp. 353-396.