Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Volumen 25, 2000

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The articles are stored in PDF format. Note that some of the figures are not included in the electronic versions.

INDEX Ansemil, J.M., F. Blasco, and S. Ponte: (BB) properties on Fréchet spaces, pp. 307-316.

Bonet, J., C. Fernández, and R. Meise: Characterization of the omega-hypoelliptic convolution operators on ultradistributions, pp. 261-284.

Bonfert-Taylor, Petra: Jørgensen's inequality for discrete convergence groups, pp. 131-150.

Bousch, Thierry, and Yanick Heurteaux: Caloric measure on domains bounded by Weierstrass-type graphs, pp. 501-522.

Bujalance, E., A.F. Costa, J.M. Gamboa, and G. Riera: Period matrices of Accola-Maclachlan and Kulkarni surfaces, pp. 161-177.

Cristea, M.: Definitions of quasiregularity, pp. 389-404.

Csörnyei, Marianna: On the visibility of invisible sets, pp. 417-421.

Dyakonov, K.M., and D. Girela: On Q_p spaces and pseudoanalytic extension, pp. 477-486.

Estrada, Beatriz: Automorphism groups of orientable elliptic-hyperelliptic Klein surfaces, pp. 439-456.

Farag, Hany M.: Besicovitch's circle pairs, analytic capacity, and Cauchy integrals for a class of unrectifiable 1-sets, pp. 179-186.

Formica, Maria Rosaria: On the Gamma-convergence of Laplace-Beltrami operators in the plane, pp. 423-438.

Gécseg, Ferenc: On some classes of tree automata and tree languages, pp. 325-336.

Gevirtz, Julian: Hencky-Prandtl nets and constant principal strain mappings with isolated singularities, pp. 187-238.

Girela, Daniel: Logarithmic coefficients of univalent functions, pp. 337-350.

Greco, Luigi, and Anna Verde: A regularity property of p-harmonic functions, pp. 317-323.

Gutlyanskii, V.Ya., O. Martio, V.I. Ryazanov, and M. Vuorinen: Infinitesimal geometry of quasiregular mappings, pp. 101-130.

Jaramillo, J.A., A. Prieto, and I. Zalduendo: Sequential convergences and Dunford-Pettis properties, pp. 467-475.

Jonas, Peter: Operator representations of definitizable functions, pp. 41-72.

Jones, Gavin L.: Conformal welding of Jordan curves using weighted Dirichlet spaces, pp. 405-412.

Kühnau, Reiner: Drei Funktionale eines Quasikreises, pp. 413-415.

Lakic, Nikola: Substantial boundary points for plane domains and Gardiner's conjecture, pp. 285-306.

Liao, Liang-Wen, and Yang, Chung-Chun: On the growth and factorization of entire solutions of algebraic differential equations, pp. 73-84.

Mayer, Volker: Behavior of quasiregular semigroups near attracting fixed points, pp. 31-39.

Mizuta, Yoshihiro, and Tetsu Shimomura: Growth properties of spherical means for monotone BLD functions in the unit ball, pp. 457-465.

Nakai, Mitsuru: Existence of quasi-isometric mappings and Royden compactifications, pp. 239-260.

Nevanlinna, Olavi: Growth of operator valued meromorphic functions, pp. 3-30.

Pedersen, Henrik L.: Entire functions and logarithmic sums over nonsymmetric sets of the real line, pp. 351-388.

Poggi-Corradini, Pietro: Canonical conjugations at fixed points other than the Denjoy-Wolff point, pp. 487-499.

Schmutz Schaller, Paul: Geometric characterization of hyperelliptic Riemann surfaces, pp. 85-90.

Schmutz Schaller, Paul: Involutions and simple closed geodesics on Riemann surfaces, pp. 91-100.

Watson, N.A.: A decomposition theorem for solutions of parabolic equations, pp. 151-160.