Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Volumen 29, 2004

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Aigon-Dupuy, Aline: Half-twists and equations in genus 2, pp. 307-328.

Bonet, José, and Miguel Friz: Weakly compact wedge operators on Köthe echelon spaces, pp. 223-231.

Bonfert-Taylor, Petra, Martin Bridgeman, and Edward C. Taylor: Distortion of the exponent of convergence in space, pp. 383-406.

Buckley, Stephen M.: Quasiconformal images of Hölder domains, pp. 21-42.

Contreras, Manuel D., Santiago Díaz-Madrigal, and Christian Pommerenke: Fixed points and boundary behaviour of the Koenigs function, pp. 471-488.

Cruz-Uribe, D., A. Fiorenza, and C.J. Neugebauer: Correction to "The maximal function on variable Lp spaces", pp. 247-249.

Eelbode, D.: Arbitrary complex powers of the Dirac operator on the hyperbolic unit ball, pp. 367-381.

García, Domingo, Manuel Maestre, and Pablo Sevilla-Peris: Composition Operators between weighted spaces of holomorphic functions on Banach spaces, pp. 81-98.

Girela, Daniel, and José Ángel Peláez: Integral means of analytic functions, pp. 459-469.

Hajlasz, Piotr, and Jani Onninen: On boundedness of maximal functions in Sobolev spaces, pp. 167-176.

Harjulehto, Petteri, and Peter Hästö: Lebesgue points in variable exponent spaces, pp. 295-306.

Heittokangas, J., R. Korhonen, and J. Rättyä: Growth estimates for solutions of linear complex differential equations, pp. 233-246.

Hidalgo, Rubén A.: Cyclic extensions of Schottky uniformizations, pp. 329-344.

Holopainen, Ilkka, and Pekka Pankka: Mappings of finite distortion: Global homeomorphism theorem, pp. 59-80.

Jones, P.W., and A.G. Poltoratski: Asymptotic growth of Cauchy transforms, pp. 99-120.

Jonsson, Alf: Triangulations of closed sets and bases in function spaces, pp. 43-58.

Kovalev, Leonid V.: Quasiregular mappings of maximal local modulus of continuity, pp. 211-222.

Käenmäki, Antti: On natural invariant measures on generalised IFS iterated function systems, pp. 419-458.

Latvala, Visa: BMO-invariance of quasiminimizers, pp. 407-418.

Laville, Guy, and Eric Lehman: Analytic Cliffordian functions, pp. 251-268.

Leikas, Mika: Packing dimensions, transversal mappings and geodesic flows, pp. 489-500.

Liao, Liang-Wen, and Chung-Chun Yang: On factorizations of entire functions of bounded type, pp. 345-356.

Mâagli, Habib, and Syrine Masmoudi: Positive solutions of some nonlinear elliptic problems in unbounded domain, pp. 151-166.

Rajala, Kai: Mappings of finite distortion: Removability of Cantor sets, pp. 269-281.

Seppälä, Mika: Myrberg's numerical uniformization of hyperelliptic curves, pp. 3-20.

Shanmugalingam, Nageswari: Singular behavior of conformal Martin kernels and non-tangential limits of conformal mappings, pp. 195-210.

Stankewitz, Rich, Toshiyuki Sugawa, and Hiroki Sumi: Some counterexamples in dynamics of rational semigroups, pp. 357-366.

Tossavainen, Timo: Pathwise connectivity in uniform domains with small exceptional sets, pp. 177-184.

Wulan, Hasi: Quotient decomposition of functions, pp. 283-293.

Yao, Guowu: Hamilton sequences and extremality for certain Teichmüller mappings, pp. 185-194.

Zakeri, Saeed: David maps and Hausdorff dimension, pp. 121-138.

Zhao Ruhan: Pointwise multipliers from weighted Bergman spaces and Hardy spaces to weighted Bergman spaces, pp. 139-150.