Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ


Volumen 37, 2012


Arosio, Leandro: Basins of attraction in Loewner equations, pp. 563-570

Arsenovic, Milos, Vesna Manojlovic, and Raimo Näkki: Boundary modulus of continuity and quasiconformal mappings, pp. 107-118

Axelsson, Reynir, and Georg Schumacher: Variation of geodesic length functions in families of Kähler-Einstein manifolds and applications to Teichmüller space., pp. 91-106

Bañuelos, Rodrigo, and Adam Osekowski: Martingales and sharp bounds for Fourier multipliers, pp. 251-263

Beck, Michael, Yunping Jiang, Sudeb Mitra, and Hiroshige Shiga: Extending holomorphic motions and monodromy, pp. 53-67

Bercovici, Hari, and Dan Timotin: Factorizations of analytic self-maps of the upper half-plane, pp. 649-660

Bergweiler, Walter, and Alexandre Eremenko: A property of the derivative of an entire function, pp. 301-301

Bieske, Thomas: A sub-Riemannian maximum principle and its application to the p-Laplacian in Carnot groups, pp. 119-134

Bodin, Mats, and Katarzyna Pietruska-Paluba: Harmonic functions representation of Besov-Lipschitz functions on nested fractals, pp. 509-523

Bonet, José, M. Carmen Gómez-Collado, David Jornet, and Elke Wolf: Operator-weighted composition operators between weighted spaces of vector-valued analytic functions, pp. 319-338

Bshouty, Daoud, Abdallah Lyzzaik, and Allen Weitsman: On the boundary behavior of univalent harmonic mappings, pp. 135-147

Bu, Qingying: The weakly compact approximation of the projective tensor product of Banach spaces, pp. 461-465

Caliskan, Erhan, and Pilar Rueda: On distinguished polynomials and their projections, pp. 595-603

Chang, Jianming: A new proof of a unicity theorem of meromorphic functions and their derivatives, pp. 19-34

Chen, Min, and Xingdi Chen: (K,K')-Quasiconformal harmonic mappings of the upper half plane onto itself, pp. 265-276

Chen, Shaolin, Saminathan Ponnusamy, and Xiantao Wang: Integral means and coefficient estimates on planar harmonic mappings, pp. 69-79

Dyakonov, Konstantin M.: Factoring derivatives of functions in the Nevanlinna and Smirnov classes, pp. 407-413

Fernández Bonder, Julián, Nicolas Saintier, and Analía Silva: Existence of solution to a critical equation with variable exponent, pp. 579-594

Galanopoulos, Petros, and Jordi Pau: Hankel operators on large weighted Bergman spaces, pp. 635-648

García, Domingo, Manuel Maestre, and Ignacio Zalduendo: Algebras of functions with prescribed radii of boundedness and the spectra of H(U), pp. 445-460

Guo, Qiuli, Hao Li, Qin Wang, and Lifeng Xi: Lipschitz equivalence of a class of self-similar sets with complete overlaps, pp. 229-243

Hartmann, Andreas, and William T. Ross: Bad boundary behavior in star invariant subspaces II, pp. 467-478

Hedenmalm, Håkan: The Beurling operator for the hyperbolic plane, pp. 3-18

Ho, Kwok-Pun: Vector-valued singular integral operators on Morrey type spaces and variable Triebel-Lizorkin-Morrey spaces, pp. 375-406

Ibragimov, Zair: Möbius maps between ultrametric spaces are local similarities, pp. 309-317

Iosevich, Alex, Mihalis Mourgoglou, and Krystal Taylor: On the Mattila-Sjölin theorem for distance sets, pp. 557-562

Itoh, Tsubasa: Modulus of continuity of p-Dirichlet solutions in a metric measure space, pp. 339-355

Kwakkel, Ferry H.: Focal rigidity of hyperbolic surfaces, pp. 149-159

Laing, Zoë, and David Singerman: Transitivity on Weierstrass points, pp. 285-300

Lanucha, Bartosz, Maria Nowak, and Miroslav Pavlovic: Hilbert matrix operator on spaces of analytic functions, pp. 161-174

Lehrbäck, Juha: Neighbourhood capacities, pp. 35-51

Li, Fengquan: Existence and regularity results for some parabolic equations with degenerate coercivity, pp. 605-633

Markowsky, Greg: A rigidity theorem for special families of rational functions, pp. 277-284

Martínez-Pérez, Álvaro: Real valued functions and metric spaces quasi-isometric to trees, pp. 525-538

Mitsis, Themis, and Michael Papadimitrakis: The essential norm of a composition operator on the minimal Möbius invariant space, pp. 203-214

Partyka, Dariusz, and Ken-ichi Sakan: A simple deformation of quasiconformal harmonic mappings in the unit disk, pp. 539-556

Perälä, Antti: On the optimal constant for the Bergman projection onto the Bloch space, pp. 245-249

Pinamonti, Andrea, and Enrico Valdinoci: A geometric inequality for stable solutions of semilinear elliptic problems in the Engel group, pp. 357-373

Puls, Michael J.: Some results concerning the p-Royden and p-harmonic boundaries of a graph of bounded degree, pp. 81-90

Rasila, Antti, and Jarno Talponen: Convexity properties of quasihyperbolic balls on Banach spaces, pp. 215-228

Scheven, Christoph: Potential estimates in parabolic obstacle problems, pp. 415-443

Schleissinger, Sebastian: The multiple-slit version of Loewner's differential equation and pointwise Hölder continuity of driving functions, pp. 191-201

Sjögren, Peter, and Maria Vallarino: Heat maximal function on a Lie group of exponential growth, pp. 491-507

Toivanen, Olli: Harnack's inequality for general solutions with nonstandard growth, pp. 571-577

Wang, Songmin: The growth and singular direction of algebroid functions, pp. 479-489

Zhang, Chao, and Shulin Zhou: Renormalized solutions for a non-uniformly parabolic equation, pp. 175-189