Annales Academić Scientiarum Fennicć


Volumen 38, 2013


Abaob, Ali, Milos Arsenovic, Miodrag Mateljevic, and Abejela Shkheam: Moduli of continuity of harmonic quasiregular mappings on bounded domains, pp. 839-847

Avelin, Benny: On a one-phase free boundary problem, pp. 181-191

Badger, Matthew: Beurling's criterion and extremal metrics for Fuglede modulus, pp. 677-689

Balka, Richárd, Ábel Farkas, Jonathan M. Fraser, and James T. Hyde: Dimension and measure for generic continuous images, pp. 389-404

Balka, Richárd, and András Máthé: Generalized Hausdorff measure for generic compact sets, pp. 797-804

Balogh, Zoltan M., Katrin Fässler, and Ioannis D. Platis: Modulus method and radial stretch map in the Heisenberg group, pp. 149-180

Bartolini, Gabriel, Antonio F. Costa, and Milagros Izquierdo: On the connectivity of branch loci of moduli spaces, pp. 245-258

Betancor, Jorge J., Raquel Crescimbeni, Juan C. Farińa, and Lourdes Rodríguez-Mesa: Multipliers and imaginary powers of the Schrödinger operators characterizing UMD Banach spaces, pp. 209-227

Blasco, Oscar, Manuel D. Contreras, Santiago Díaz-Madrigal, Josep Martínez, Michael Papadimitrakis, and Aristomenis G. Siskakis: Semigroups of composition operators and integral operators in spaces of analytic functions, pp. 67-90

Buckley, Stephen M., and Ritva Hurri-Syrjänen: Iterated log-scale Orlicz-Hardy inequalities, pp. 757-770

Budzynska, Monika, Tadeusz Kuczumow, and Simeon Reich: A Denjoy-Wolff theorem for compact holomorphic mappings in complex Banach spaces, pp. 747-756

Chang, Jianming, and Yuefei Wang: On Bank-Laine type functions, pp. 455-471

Chen, Qiaoyu, Shahar Nevo, and Xuecheng Pang: A general differential inequality of the kth derivative that leads to normality, pp. 691-695

Clop, Albert, and Victor Cruz: Weighted estimates for Beltrami equations, pp. 91-113

Durand-Cartagena, Estibalitz, Jesús A. Jaramillo, and Nageswari Shanmugalingam: First order Poincaré inequalities in metric measure spaces, pp. 287-308

Dyda, Bartlomiej, and Moritz Kassmann: On weighted Poincaré inequalities, pp. 721-726

Farroni, Fernando, and Raffaella Giova: Change of variables for A\infty weights by means of quasiconformal mappings: sharp results, pp. 785-796

Fenton, P.C.: Wiman-Valiron theory in several variables, pp. 29-47

Fernandez, Dicesar L., Mieczyslaw Mastylo, and Eduardo B. da Silva: Quasi s-numbers and measures of non-compactness of multilinear operators, pp. 805-823

Fernández-Cabrera, Luz M., and Antón Martínez: Extrapolation properties of closed operator ideals, pp. 341-350

Gelfert, Katrin, Feliks Przytycki, Michal Rams, and Juan Rivera-Letelier: Lyapunov spectrum for exceptional rational maps, pp. 631-656

Girela-Sarrión, Daniel: Counterexamples to some pointwise estimates of the maximal Cauchy transform in terms of the Cauchy transform, pp. 657-675

Grau de la Herrán, Ana, Jarod Hart, and Lucas Oliveira: Multilinear local Tb theorem for square functions, pp. 697-720

Gustafsson, Björn, and Yu-Lin Lin: On the dynamics of roots and poles for solutions of the Polubarinova-Galin equation, pp. 259-286

Hernández, Rodrigo, and María J. Martín: Quasiconformal extension of harmonic mappings in the plane, pp. 617-630

Hu, Guoen, Yan Meng, and Dachun Yang: A new characterization of regularized BMO spaces on non-homogeneous spaces and its applications, pp. 3-27

Hu, Yunchun, Yunping Jiang, and Zhe Wang: Martingales for quasisymmetric systems and complex manifold structures, pp. 115-140

Hytönen, Tuomas, and Anna Kairema: What is a cube?, pp. 405-412

Kalaj, David, Marijan Markovic, and Miodrag Mateljevic: Carathéodory and Smirnov type theorems for harmonic mappings of the unit disk onto surfaces, pp. 565-580

Kilpeläinen, Tero, Pekka Koskela, and Hiroaki Masaoka: Harmonic Hardy-Orlicz spaces, pp. 309-325

Langley, James K.: The reciprocal of a real entire function and non-real zeros of higher derivatives, pp. 855-871

Li, Daniel, Hervé Queffélec, and Luis Rodríguez-Piazza: Estimates for approximation numbers of some classes of composition operators on the Hardy space, pp. 547-564

Li, Gongbao, and Hongyu Ye: The existence of infinitely many solutions for p-Laplacian type equations on RN with linking geometry, pp. 515-534

Liao, Liang-Wen, Chung-Chun Yang, and Jian-Jun Zhang: On meromorphic solutions of certain type of non-linear differential equations, pp. 581-593

Liu, Xiaojun, and Shahar Nevo: A criterion of normality based on a single holomorphic function II, pp. 49-66

Liu, Zhuomin: Another proof of the Liouville theorem, pp. 327-340

Lundström, Niklas L.P., and Jonatan Vasilis: Decay of a p-harmonic measure in the plane, pp. 351-366

Luo, Jun Jason: Moran sets and hyperbolic boundaries, pp. 377-388

Malý, Lukás: Minimal weak upper gradients in Newtonian spaces based on quasi-Banach function lattices, pp. 727-745

Martin, Jussi: On continuous spectrum of the linearised water-wave problem in bounded domains, pp. 413-431

Mayer, Volker, Bartlomiej Skorulski, and Mariusz Urbanski: Regularity and irregularity of fiber dimensions of non-autonomous dynamical systems, pp. 489-514

Moscariello, Gioconda, Antonia Passarelli di Napoli, and Kai Rajala: Mappings of finite distortion and asymmetry of domains, pp. 367-375

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Perälä, Antti: Bloch space and the norm of the Bergman projection, pp. 849-853

Sierra, Willy: John surfaces associated with a class of harmonic mappings, pp. 595-616

Sjödin, Tord: Polar sets and capacitary potentials in homogeneous spaces, pp. 771-783

Sjölin, Per: Nonlocalization of operators of Schrödinger type, pp. 141-147

Väisälä, Jussi: Tangential properties of quasihyperbolic geodesics in Banach spaces, pp. 825-837

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Wang, Wen, Shengyou Wen, and Zhi-Ying Wen: Fat and thin sets for doubling measures in Euclidean space, pp. 535-546

Wen, Zhixiong, Wen Wu, and Lifeng Xi: Dimension of slices through a self-similar set with initial cubic pattern, pp. 473-487

Wulan, Hasi, and Jizhen Zhou: QK and Morrey type spaces, pp. 193-207