Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ


Volumen 39, 2014


Akman, Murat: On the dimension of a certain measure in the plane, pp. 187-209

Baroni, Paolo, and Jens Habermann: Elliptic interpolation estimates for non-standard growth operators, pp. 119-162

Bennouna, Jaouad, Mohamed Hammoumi, and Ahmed Youssfi: On L-regularity result for some degenerate nonlinear elliptic equations, pp. 873-886

Bernardis, Ana, Estefanía Dalmasso, and Gladis Pradolini: Generalized maximal functions and related operators on weighted Musielak-Orlicz spaces, pp. 23-50

Bieske, Thomas, and Erin Martin: The parabolic p-Laplace equation in Carnot groups, pp. 605-623

Bilet, Viktoriia V., and Oleksiy A. Dovgoshey: Boundedness of pretangent spaces to general metric spaces, pp. 73-82

Budzynska, Monika: The Denjoy-Wolff Theorem for condensing mappings in a bounded and strictly convex domain in a complex Banach space, pp. 919-940

Cavaliere, Paola, and Andrea Cianchi: Classical and approximate Taylor expansions of weakly differentiable functions, pp. 527-544

Devaney, Robert L., Núria Fagella, Antonio Garijo, and Xavier Jarque: Sierpinski curve Julia sets for quadratic rational maps, pp. 3-22

Didenko, Victor D., and Bernd Silbermann: Some results on the invertibility of Toeplitz plus Hankel operators, pp. 443-461

Dyda, Bartlomiej, and Antti V. Vähäkangas: A framework for fractional Hardy inequalities, pp. 675-689

Eremenko, Alexandre: On the Second Main Theorem of Cartan, pp. 859-871

Fera, Joseph: Exceptional points for cocompact Fuchsian groups, pp. 463-472

Fernández-Martínez, Pedro, and Teresa M. Signes: An application of interpolation theory to renorming of Lorentz-Karamata type spaces, pp. 97-107

Galanopoulos, Petros, Daniel Girela, José Ángel Peláez, and Aristomenis G. Siskakis: Generalized Hilbert operators, pp. 231-258

Garrido, M. Isabel, and Ana S. Meroño: New types of completeness in metric spaces, pp. 733-758

Giannetti, Flavia, and Antonia Passarelli di Napoli: Hölder continuity of degenerate p-harmonic functions, pp. 567-577

Gröhn, Janne, José Ángel Peláez, and Jouni Rättyä: Jointly maximal products in weighted growth spaces, pp. 109-118

Guo, Qiuli, Hao Li, and Qin Wang: Quasi-Lipschitz equivalence of subsets of Ahlfors-David regular sets, pp. 759-769

Gupta, Subhojoy: Meromorphic quadratic differentials with half-plane structures, pp. 305-347

Hajlasz, Piotr, and Armin Schikorra: Lipschitz homotopy and density of Lipschitz mappings in Sobolev spaces, pp. 593-604

Hidalgo, Rubén A., and Milagros Izquierdo: On the connectivity of the branch locus of the Schottky space, pp. 635-654

Hu, Jun, and Francisco G. Jimenez-Lopez: Modified length spectrum metric on the Teichmüller space of a Riemann surface with boundary, pp. 513-526

Ilmavirta, Joonas: Boundary reconstruction for the broken ray transform, pp. 485-502

Ivert, Per-Anders, Niko Marola, and Mathias Masson: Energy estimates for variational minimizers of a parabolic doubly nonlinear equation on metric measure spaces, pp. 711-719

Jordan, Thomas, and Natalia Jurga: Self-affine sets with non-compactly supported random perturbations, pp. 771-785

Kinjo, Erina: On the length spectrum metric in infinite dimensional Teichmüller spaces, pp. 349-360

Lemenant, Antoine, Emmanouil Milakis, and Laura V. Spinolo: On the extension property of Reifenberg-flat domains, pp. 51-71

Le Thanh Hoang, Nhat, and Michel Zinsmeister: On Minkowski dimension of Jordan curves, pp. 787-810

Li, Bing, and Ville Suomala: A note on the hitting probabilities of random covering sets, pp. 625-633

Li, Fengquan: The fast diffusion equation with integrable data with respect to the distance to the boundary, pp. 361-388

Li, Yaxiang, Matti Vuorinen, and Xiantao Wang: Quasiconformal maps with bilipschitz or identity boundary values in Banach spaces, pp. 905-917

Llorente, José G.: A note on unique continuation for solutions of the infinity-mean value property, pp. 473-483

Luiro, Hannes, and Juho Nuutinen: On the continuity of discrete maximal operators in Sobolev spaces, pp. 175-185

Ma, Yumei: Isometry on linear n-normed spaces, pp. 973-981

Mizuta, Yoshihiro, and Takao Ohno: Sobolev's theorem and duality for Herz-Morrey spaces of variable exponent, pp. 389-416

Molica Bisci, Giovanni, and Vicentiu D. Radulescu: Mountain pass solutions for nonlocal equations, pp. 579-592

Molica Bisci, Giovanni, and Dusan Repovs: Multiple solutions for elliptic equations involving a general operator in divergence form, pp. 259-273

Nawrocki, Marek: On the solid hulls of the Nevanlinna and Smirnov classes, pp. 897-904

Nikolidakis, Eleftherios N.: A sharp integral Hardy type inequality and applications to Muckenhoupt weights on R, pp. 887-896

Nyström, Kaj, and Andreas Rosén: Cauchy integrals for the p-Laplace equation in planar Lipschitz domains, pp. 545-565

Ojala, Tuomo: On (α)n-regular sets, pp. 655-673

Partyka, Dariusz, and Ken-ichi Sakan: Quasiconformal and Lipschitz harmonic mappings of the unit disk onto bounded convex domains, pp. 811-830

Ponnusamy, Saminathan, and Karl-Joachim Wirths: On the problem of Gromova and Vasil'ev on integral means, and Yamashita's conjecture for spirallike functions, pp. 721-731

Rasila, Antti, and Jarno Talponen: On quasihyperbolic geodesics in Banach spaces, pp. 163-173

Schioppa, Andrea: On the relationship between derivations and measurable differentiable structures, pp. 275-304

Shinomiya, Yoshihiko: On holomorphic sections of Veech holomorphic families of Riemann surfaces, pp. 83-95

Sickel, Winfried, Dachun Yang, and Wen Yuan: The radial lemma of Strauss in the context of Morrey spaces, pp. 417-442

Steinmetz, Norbert: Complex Riccati differential equations revisited, pp. 503-511

Tanabe, Masaharu: A Martens-type theorem in the context of cohomology of Riemann surfaces, pp. 941-946

Vellis, Vyron, and Jang-Mei Wu: Sets of constant distance from a Jordan curve, pp. 211-230

Wulan, Hasi, and Fangqin Ye: Universal Teichmüller space and QK spaces, pp. 691-709

Yanagishita, Masahiro: Introduction of a complex structure on the p-integrable Teichmüller space, pp. 947-971

Zürcher, Thomas: Space-filling vs. Luzin's condition (N), pp. 831-857