Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ


Volumen 42, 2017


Aaltonen, Martina, and Pekka Pankka: Local monodromy of branched covers and dimension of the branch set, pp. 487-496

Acosta, Gabriel, María E. Cejas, and Ricardo G. Durán: Improved Poincaré inequalities and solutions of the divergence in weighted norms, pp. 211-226

Amano, Masanori: A global coordinate of the Teichmüller space related to asymptotic Jenkins–Strebel rays, pp. 627-648

Arcozzi, Nicola, Fausto Ferrari, and Francescopaolo Montefalcone: Regularity of the distance function to smooth hypersurfaces in some two-step Carnot groups, pp. 339-356

Aron, Richard M., Jesús Angel Jaramillo, and Enrico Le Donne: Smooth surjections and surjective restrictions, pp. 525-534

Balogh, Zoltán M., Jeremy T. Tyson, and Kevin Wildrick: Quasiconformal mappings that highly distort dimensions of many parallel lines, pp. 61-72

Barth, Karl F., Philip J. Rippon, and David J. Sixsmith: The MacLane class and the Eremenko–Lyubich class, pp. 859-873

Ben Chrouda, Mohamed: Existence and nonexistence of positive solutions to the fractional equation Δα/2u = –uγ in bounded domains, pp. 997-1007

Bezerra, Adriano C., and Qiaoling Wang: Rigidity theorems for minimal submanifolds in a hyperbolic space, pp. 905-920

Bilet, Victoriia, Oleksiy Dovgoshey, Mehmet Küçükaslan, and Evgenii Petrov: Minimal universal metric spaces, pp. 1019-1064

Bramanti, Marco, and Maria Stella Fanciullo: The local sharp maximal function and BMO on locally homogeneous spaces, pp. 453-472

Bugajewski, Dariusz, and Adam Nawrocki: Some remarks on almost periodic functions in view of the Lebesgue measure with applications to linear differential equations, pp. 809-836

Cao, Tingbin, and Jun Nie: The second main theorem for holomorphic curves intersecting hypersurfaces with Casorati determinant into complex projective spaces, pp. 979-996

Chatterjee, Nishan: Some metric properties of the Teichmüller space of a closed set in the Riemann sphere, pp. 755-770

Chen, Xiu, Kan Jiang, and Wenxia Li: Lipschitz equivalence of a class of self-similar sets, pp. 585-591

Cheng, Kam Hang, and Yik-Man Chiang: Nevanlinna theory of the Wilson divided-difference operator, pp. 175-209

D'Aniello, Emma, and Laurent Moonens: Averaging on n-dimensional rectangles, pp. 119-133

David, Guy C., and Raanan Schul: The analyst's traveling salesman theorem in graph inverse limits, pp. 649-692

Ding, Jie: On the Hausdorff measure of the Julia set and the escaping set of entire functions with regularly growing maximum modulus, pp. 325-337

Durand-Cartagena, Estibalitz, and Xining Li: Preservation of bounded geometry under sphericalization and flattening: quasiconvexity and ∞-Poincaré inequality, pp. 303-324

Evdoridou, Vasiliki: Regularity and growth conditions for fast escaping points of entire functions, pp. 875-888

Falconer, Kenneth, and Tom Kempton: The dimension of projections of self-affine sets and measures, pp. 473-486

Fan, Yue, Yun Hu, and Yuliang Shen: On strongly quasisymmetric homeomorphisms, pp. 921-930

Feng, Xiaogao, Shengjin Huo, and Shuan Tang: Universal Teichmüller spaces and F(p,q,s) space, pp. 105-118

Fogagnolo, Mattia, Roberto Monti, and Davide Vittone: Variation formulas for H-rectifiable sets, pp. 239-256

Fraser, Jonathan M., and Douglas C. Howroyd: Assouad type dimensions for self-affine sponges, pp. 149-174

Fujino, Hiroki: Quasisymmetric embedding of the integer set and its quasiconformal extension, pp. 575-584

Górka, Przemyslaw, and Humberto Rafeiro: Light side of compactness in Lebesgue spaces: Sudakov theorem, pp. 135-139

Guidetti, Davide, Batu Güneysu, and Diego Pallara: L1-elliptic regularity and H = W on the whole Lp-scale on arbitrary manifolds, pp. 497-521

Guo, Chang-Yu, and Pekka Koskela: Sharpness of uniform continuity of quasiconformal mappings onto s-John domains, pp. 51-59

Hamada, Hidetaka: A simple proof for the boundary Schwarz lemma for pluriharmonic mappings, pp. 799-802

Hencl, Stanislav, and Aapo Kauranen: Sobolev homeomorphisms in W1,k and the Lusin's condition (N) on k-dimensional subspaces, pp. 771-797

Herreros, Pilar, Mario Ponce, and J. J. P. Veerman: Equators have at most countable many singularities with bounded total angle, pp. 837-845

Ho, Kwok-Pun: Corrigendum to "Atomic decomposition of Hardy–Morrey spaces with variable exponents", pp. 523-524

Kaiser, Tobias, and Sabrina Lehner: Asymptotic behaviour of the Riemann mapping function at analytic cusps, pp. 3-15

Klén, Riku, Antti Rasila, and Jarno Talponen: On the smoothness of quasihyperbolic balls, pp. 439-452

Kupka, Ivan: Measurability of similar functions, pp. 803-808

Lai, Chun-Kit: Perfect fractal sets with zero Fourier dimension and arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions, pp. 1009-1017

Li, Gongbao, and Xiao Luo: Normalized solutions for the Chern–Simons–Schrödinger equation in R2, pp. 405-428

Liu, Weiming, and Miaomiao Niu: Multiple positive solutions for the nonlinear Schrödinger–Poisson system, pp. 285-302

Magnani, Valentino: Some remarks on densities in the Heisenberg group, pp. 357-365

Matsuzaki, Katsuhiko: The Teichmüller space of group invariant symmetric structures on the circle, pp. 535-550

Mattila, Pertti: Exceptional set estimates for the Hausdorff dimension of intersections, pp. 611-620

Morris, Ian D.: On Falconer's formula for the generalised Rényi dimension of a self-affine measure, pp. 227-238

Muetzel, Bjoern: The Jacobian of a Riemann surface and the geometry of the cut locus of simple closed geodesics, pp. 693-721

Nikolidakis, Eleftherios N.: Dyadic-BMO functions, the dyadic Gurov–Reshetnyak condition on [0,1]n and equimeasurable rearrangements of functions, pp. 551-562

Ochoa, Pablo, and Julio Alejo Ruiz: Existence and uniqueness results for linear second-order equations in the Heisenberg group, pp. 1065-1083

Okuyama, Yusuke: Value distribution of the sequences of the derivatives of iterated polynomials, pp. 563-574

Osekowski, Adam: Best constants in Muckenhoupt's inequality, pp. 889-904

Perälä, Antti, and Jouni Rättyä: Duality of weighted Bergman spaces with small exponents, pp. 621-626

Pérez-González, Fernando, Jouni Rättyä, and Atte Reijonen: Derivatives of inner functions in Bergman spaces induced by doubling weights, pp. 735-753

Rzeczkowski, Michal: Composition operators on Hardy–Orlicz spaces on planar domains, pp. 593-609

Saito, Hiroki, and Hitoshi Tanaka: General maximal operators and the reverse Hölder classes, pp. 367-391

Schippers, Eric, and Wolfgang Staubach: Well-posedness of a Riemann–Hilbert problem on d-regular quasidisks, pp. 141-147

Steinmetz, Norbert: A unified approach to the Painlevé transcendents, pp. 17-49

Strzelecki, Michal: The Lp-norms of the Beurling–Ahlfors transform on radial functions, pp. 73-93

Sturm, Stefan: Existence of very weak solutions of doubly nonlinear parabolic equations with measure data, pp. 931-962

Sugawa, Toshiyuki, and Li-Mei Wang: Spirallikeness of shifted hypergeometric functions, pp. 963-977

Tanabe, Masaharu: A generalization of the Eichler trace formula for morphisms between Riemann surfaces, pp. 393-404

Wang, Xiantao, and Qingshan Zhou: Quasimöbius maps, weakly quasimöbius maps and uniform perfectness in quasi-metric spaces, pp. 257-284

Xu, Haiqing: Planar mappings of subexponentially integrable distortion: integrability of distortion of inverses, pp. 429-437

Yang, Anming: New weak martingale Hardy spaces of Musielak–Orlicz type, pp. 847-857

Zhang, Chao, and Shulin Zhou: Bounded very weak solutions for some non-uniformly elliptic equation with L1 datum, pp. 95-103

Zhao, Xiaojun: Liouville type theorem for nonlinear boundary value problem on Heisenberg group, pp. 723-733