Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ


Volumen 43, 2018


Adamowicz, Tomasz, and Ben Warhurst: Prime ends in the Heisenberg group H1 and the boundary behavior of quasiconformal mappings, pp. 631-668

Al-Qabani, Aamena, and Jani A. Virtanen: Fredholm theory of Toeplitz operators on standard weighted Fock spaces, pp. 769-783

Angeloni, Laura, Danilo Costarelli, and Gianluca Vinti: A characterization of the convergence in variation for the generalized sampling series, pp. 755-767

Apanasov, Boris N.: Topological barriers for locally homeomorphic quasiregular mappings in 3-space, pp. 579-596

Bao, Guanlong, Hasi Wulan, and Kehe Zhu: A Hardy–Littlewood theorem for Bergman spaces, pp. 807-821

Baranski, Krzysztof, Boguslawa Karpinska, and Anna Zdunik: Conformal measures for meromorphic maps, pp. 247-266

Bergweiler, Walter, and Dan Liu: On the multipliers of repelling periodic points of entire functions, pp. 279-291

Blasco, Oscar: Boundedness of Volterra operators on spaces of entire functions, pp. 89-107

Bonet, José, and Jari Taskinen: Solid hulls of weighted Banach spaces of analytic functions on the unit disc with exponential weights, pp. 521-530

Boumahdi, Rachid, Omar Kihel, and Sukrawan Mavecha: Proof of the conjecture of Keskin, Siar and Karaatli, pp. 557-561

Celakoska, Emilija, and Kostadin Trencevski: Coverings by n-cubes and the Gauss–Bonnet theorem, pp. 1063-1072

Chen, Changhao: Projections in vector spaces over finite fields, pp. 171-185

Chen, Shaolin, and David Kalaj: Lipschitz continuity of Bloch type mappings with respect to Bergman metric, pp. 239-246

Costa, Antonio F., Sergey Natanzon, and Boris Shapiro: Topological classification of generic real meromorphic functions from compact surfaces, pp. 349-363

Drelichman, Irene, and Ricardo G. Durán: Improved Poincaré inequalities in fractional Sobolev spaces, pp. 885-903

Espínola, Rafa, Óscar Madiedo, and Adriana Nicolae: Borsuk–Dugundji type extension theorems with Busemann convex target spaces, pp. 225-238

Essouabri, Driss, and Ben Lichtin: Thick self similar sets are asymptotically generic, pp. 835-857

Feng, De-Jun, and Antti Käenmäki: Self-affine sets in analytic curves and algebraic surfaces, pp. 109-119

Fuglede, Bent, and Natalia Zorii: Green kernels associated with Riesz kernels, pp. 121-145

Goldstein, Pawel, and Piotr Hajlasz: Modulus of continuity of orientation preserving approximately differentiable homeomorphisms with a.e. negative Jacobian, pp. 147-170

Golo, Sebastiano: Some remarks on contact variations in the first Heisenberg group, pp. 311-335

Gonçalves, Helena F., Henning Kempka, and Jan Vybíral: Franke–Jawerth embeddings for Besov and Triebel–Lizorkin spaces with variable exponents, pp. 187-209

Górka, Przemyslaw: Looking for compactness in Sobolev spaces on noncompact metric spaces, pp. 531-540

Gröhn, Janne: Slowly growing solutions of ODEs revisited, pp. 617-629

Gumenyuk, Pavel, and Dmitri Prokhorov: Value regions of univalent self-maps with two boundary fixed points, pp. 451-462

Hart, Jarod, and Lucas Oliveira: A Note on a multilinear local Tb theorem for Calderón–Zygmund operators, pp. 447-450

Hidalgo, Rubén A.: On the minimal field of definition of rational maps: rational maps of odd signature, pp. 685-692

Ibañez Firnkorn, Gonzalo H., and María Silvina Riveros: Certain fractional type operators with Hörmander conditions, pp. 913-929

Jia, Huifang, and Gongbao Li: The existence and concentration behavior of ground state solutions for fractional Schrödinger–Kirchhoff type equations, pp. 991-1021

Jiang, Kan, Songjing Wang, and Lifeng Xi: Lipschitz equivalence of self-similar sets with exact overlaps, pp. 905-912

Jiang, Manman, Lixin Liu, and Huiping Pan: Almost isometries between Teichmüller spaces, pp. 365-380

Klaus, Colin, and Naian Liao: A short proof of Hölder continuity for functions in DeGiorgi classes, pp. 931-934

Kosunen, Pekka: Periodic orbits 1–5 of quadratic polynomials on a new coordinate plane, pp. 859-883

Kovalev, Leonid V.: Symmetrization and extension of planar bi-Lipschitz maps, pp. 541-556

Lahti, Panu: A new Cartan-type property and strict quasicoverings when p = 1 in metric spaces, pp. 1027-1043

Lam, Nguyen: Hardy and Hardy–Rellich type inequalities with Bessel pairs, pp. 211-223

Langley, James K.: Linear differential polynomials in zero-free meromorphic functions, pp. 693-735

Long, Jianren, Lei Shi, Xiubi Wu, and Shimei Zhang: On a question of Gundersen concerning the growth of solutions of linear differential equations, pp. 337-348

Lysik, Grzegorz: A characterization of real analytic functions, pp. 475-482

Maeda, Fumi-Yuki, Yoshihiro Mizuta, and Tetsu Shimomura: Variable exponent weighted norm inequality for generalized Riesz potentials, pp. 563-577

Markowsky, Greg: On the distribution of planar Brownian motion at stopping times, pp. 597-616

Mashreghi, Javad, and Thomas Ransford: Outer functions and uniform integrability, pp. 1023-1026

Melentijevic, Petar: Invariant gradient in refinements of Schwarz and Harnack inequalities, pp. 391-399

Miskiewicz, Michal: Discrete Reifenberg-type theorem, pp. 3-19

Mizuta, Yoshihiro, Takao Ohno, and Tetsu Shimomura: Growth properties of potentials in central Morrey–Orlicz spaces on the unit ball, pp. 21-46

Monguzzi, Alessandro, and Giulia Sarfatti: Shift invariant subspaces of slice L2 functions, pp. 1045-1061

Morris, Ian D.: Some observations on Käenmäki measures, pp. 945-960

Mosquera, Carolina A., and Pablo S. Shmerkin: Self-similar measures: asymptotic bounds for the dimension and Fourier decay of smooth images, pp. 823-834

Navas, Andrés: Wandering domains for diffeomorphisms of the k-torus: a remark on a theorem by Norton and Sullivan, pp. 419-424

Nguyen, Van Hoang: Sharp Caffarelli–Kohn–Nirenberg inequalities on stratified Lie groups, pp. 1073-1083

Nikolov, Nikolai, and Pascal J. Thomas: Boundary behavior of the quasi-hyperbolic metric, pp. 381-389

Ntalampekos, Dimitrios: Semi-hyperbolic rational maps and size of Fatou components, pp. 425-446

Papageorgiou, Nikolaos S., Vicentiu D. Radulescu, and Dusan D. Repovs: Resonant Robin problems driven by the p-Laplacian plus an indefinite potential, pp. 483-508

Partyka, Dariusz, Ken-ichi Sakan, and Jian-Feng Zhu: Quasiconformal harmonic mappings with the convex holomorphic part, pp. 401-418

Partyka, Dariusz, Ken-ichi Sakan, and Jian-Feng Zhu: Erratum to "Quasiconformal harmonic mappings with the convex holomorphic part", pp. 1085-1086

Pommerenke, Christian, and Margarita Toro: A generalization of the parametrized modular group, pp. 509-519

Popoli, Arturo: Sharp integrability exponents and constants for Muckenhoupt and Gehring weights as solution to a unique equation., pp. 785-805

Puliatti, Carmelo: Estimates for the maximal Cauchy integral on chord-arc curves, pp. 961-980

Rossi, Julio D., Ariel M. Salort, and João V. da Silva: The ∞-Fucík spectrum, pp. 293-310

Shen, Liang: An application of the degenerate Beltrami equation: quadratic polynomials with a Siegel disk, pp. 267-277

Shen, Yuliang, Shuan Tang, and Li Wu: Weil–Petersson and little Teichmüller spaces on the real line, pp. 935-943

Shishikura, Mitsuhiro: Conformality of quasiconformal mappings at a point, revisited, pp. 981-990

Talponen, Jarno: Decompositions of Nakano norms by ODE techniques, pp. 737-754

Wei, Huaying, and Michel Zinsmeister: Carleson measures and chord-arc curves, pp. 669-683

Yang, Dachun, and Junqiang Zhang: Variable Hardy spaces associated with operators satisfying Davies–Gaffney estimates on metric measure spaces of homogeneous type, pp. 47-87

Younsi, Malik: Removability and non-injectivity of conformal welding, pp. 463-473