Annales Academiæ Scientiarum Fennicæ

Volumen 21, 1996

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The articles are stored in PDF format. Note that some of the figures are not included in the electronic versions.


Alestalo, Pekka, and Jussi Väisälä: Uniform domains of higher order II, pp. 411-437.

Batakis, Athanassios: Harmonic measure of some Cantor type sets, pp. 255-270.

Beardon, A. F.: Some remarks on non-discrete Möbius groups, pp. 69-79.

Bishop, Christopher J.: On a theorem of Beardon and Maskit, pp. 383-388.

Brzezina, Miroslav: A note on the convexity theorem for mean values of subtemperatures, pp. 111-115.

Cao, Chun: The chordal norm of discrete Möbius groups in several dimensions, pp. 271-287.

Chen Huaihui and Peter Lappan: Normal families, orders of zeros, and omitted values, pp. 89-100.

Eiderman, Vladimir, and Matts Essén: Harmonic majorization of in subsets of , , pp. 223-240.

Ekhaus, Michael, and Timo Seppäläinen: Stochastic dynamics macroscopically governed by the porous medium equation for isothermal flow, pp. 309-352.

Freden, Eric M.: Negatively curved groups and the convergence property II: Transitivity in negatively curved groups, pp. 133-150.

Fuglede, Bent: Harmonic morphisms between semi-riemannian manifolds, pp. 31-50.

Gehring, F.W., and G.J. Martin: On the Margulis constant for Kleinian groups, I, pp. 439-462.

Gutlyanskii, V.Ya., and V.I. Ryazanov: On boundary correspondence under quasiconformal mappings, pp. 167-178.

Haas, Andrew: Dirichlet points, Garnett points, and infinite ends of hyperbolic surfaces I, pp. 3-29.

Hilberdink, Titus: On the Taylor coefficients of the composition of two analytic functions, pp. 189-204.

Hinkkanen, A.: Uniformly quasiregular semigroups in two dimensions, pp. 205-222.

Hochmuth, Reinhard: An inhomogeneous Dirichlet problem for a non-hypoelliptic linear partial differential operator, pp. 179-187.

Hotzel, R., and G. Jank: Algebraic Schwarzian differential equations, pp. 353-366.

Iwaniec, Tadeusz, and Gaven Martin: Quasiregular semigroups, pp. 241-254.

Kinnunen, Juha, and Olli Martio: The Sobolev capacity on metric spaces, pp. 367-382.

Kühnau, Reiner: Zur quasikonformen Spiegelung, pp. 101-109.

MacManus, Paul: The complement of a quasimöbius sphere is uniform, pp. 399-410.

McCarthy, John, and Athanase Papadopoulos: Fundamental domains in Teichmüller space, pp. 151-166.

Milman, Mario: A note on Gehring's lemma, pp. 389-398.

Nag, Subhashis: Singular Cauchy integrals and conformal welding on Jordan curves, pp. 81-88.

Niculescu, Constantin P., and Vicentiu Radulescu: A saddle point theorem for non-smooth functionals and problems at resonance, pp. 117-131.

Norton, Alec, and Dennis Sullivan: Wandering domains and invariant conformal structures for mappings of the 2-torus, pp. 51-68.

Tang, Puqi: Regularity and extremality of quasiconformal homeomorphisms on CR 3-manifolds, pp. 289-308.