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The theses here are stored in PDF format.

20. Väänänen, Jouko: Two axioms of set theory with applications to logic, 1978

56. Lappalainen, Vesa: Liph-extension domains, 1985

64. Hyttinen, Tapani: Games and infinitary languages, 1987

79. Hassi, Seppo: A singular value decomposition of matrices in a space with an indefinite scalar product, 1990

100. Akkanen, Jyrki: Absolute logics, 1995

107. Halko, Aapo: Negligible subsets of the generalized Baire space ω1ω1, 1996

127. Koskenoja, Mika: Pluripotential theory and capacity inequalities, 2002

134. Hellsten, Alex: Diamonds on large cardinals, 2003

146. LindÚn, Henri: Quasiconformal geodesics and uniformity in elementary domains, 2005

147. Ravaioli, Elena: Approximation of G-equivariant maps in the very-strong-weak topology, 2005

149. Vńnskń, Simopekka: Direct and inverse scattering for Beltrami fields, 2006

150. Virtanen, Henri: On the mean square of quadratic Dirichlet L-functions at 1, 2008

151. Kangaslampi, Riikka: Uniformly quasiregular mappings on elliptic riemannian manifolds, 2008

152. Klén, Riku: On hyperbolic type metrics, 2009

153. Vähäkangas, Antti V.: Boundedness of weakly singular integral operators on domains, 2009

154. Feragen, Aasa: Topological stability through tame retractions, 2009

155. Ronkainen, Onni: Meromorphic solutions of difference Painlevé equations, 2010

156. Ripatti, Tuula: Local dimensions of intersection measures: similarities, linear maps and continuously differentiable functions, 2010

157. Ala-Mattila, Vesa: Geometric characterizations for Patterson-Sullivan measures of geometrically finite Kleinian groups, 2011

158. Lipponen, Henri: On noncommutative BRST-complex and superconnection character forms, 2013

159. Cristina, Jan: Non-smooth curvature and the energy of frames, 2013

160. Lindberg, Sauli: On the Jacobian Equation and the Hardy Space H¹(C), 2015

161. Venieri, Laura: Dimension estimates for Kakeya sets defined in an axiomatic setting, 2017



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